Simple Clay Pot Christmas Crafts

The holidays are a great time to hone your crafting skills. Christmas crafts make excellent gifts, treat holders, or Christmas tree ornaments.

The following are some simple clay pot Christmas craft ideas that are easy and fun for all ages.

Glitter Jingle Bells


Small clay pot
Acrylic paints in Christmas colors
Small jewels (if desired)
Gold glitter
Craft glue
Gold cord
Gold ribbon
1 Jingle bell


1.Paint the pot in your choice of color and let dry completely.
2.Glue a strip of gold ribbon around the rim of the pot.
3.Glue on the jewels.
4.Apply a thin layer of glue to your bell and sprinkle with the glitter, shaking off the excess. (You can also do this during the first step; just make sure to sprinkle the glitter on while the paint is still wet.)
5.Thread the jingle bell onto the gold cord. Tie a large knot above the jingle bell so it will not go through the hole in the bottom of the pot. Pull the cord from the inside of the pot up through the hole in the bottom. Leave a loop in the cord to hang on the tree.
6.If desired, make a large bow using the gold ribbon and tie it to the gold cord.

Clay pot Christmas planter

This is a decorative clay pot you can decorate with Christmas colors and stencils, then use as a planter for real or artificial plants. You can also use it to hold holiday goodies.


Sealer for pot (if using real plants)
Christmas stickers, decals or stencils
Paint brushes and sponge
Acrylic paints or stencil paint

1.First off, if you plan on using real flowers in the pot, you will need to deal it first so the paint will stay on with the moisture of the soil. Seal the pot first, then let it dry completely before decorating. IF you are going to use fake flowers or put treats inside, don’t seal it.
2.Paint your pot in the color of your choice. Let it dry completely.
3.Paint your design. You can freehand your design, trace it from a picture, or use stencils. Experiment and have fun being creative! Kids will enjoy putting stickers on, writing their names, and so forth.
4.If you are using it for real plants, once the decorative paints have dried, seal the pot again and let dry completely.

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