Clay Pot Christmas Craft Candy Holders

Oftentimes, Christmas is synonymous with candy and treats. Many people enjoy making holiday treats and then giving them away as gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, and so forth.

One way you can deliver candy and treats is by making candy holders from clay pots. This is an easy, inexpensive, and creative way to deliver holiday treats!

The following are some ideas for clay pot Christmas craft candy holders:

Clay Pot Reindeer Treat holders

Fill these little reindeers with candy, nuts, or other holiday treats!


Acrylic paints, if desired
Craft glue or a glue stick
2-5 inch clay pot (depending on how much candy you are filling in it)
Plastic craft eyes
Red pom-poms
Three shades of brown craft foam, cardstock paper or construction paper


1.Paint the pot brown, if desired, and allow to dry completely.
2.Cut antlers to match your pot.
3.First, with one shade of brown, cut the antlers to match the size of the clay pot. For a larger pot, and if you are making the craft with children, you can use their handprints as a pattern.
4.Cut the ears with another shade of brown construction paper or craft foam. You can add another layer for the inside of the ears, if desired.
5.Attach the ears to the back of the pot, and add the antlers.
6.Glue the craft eyes to the front and the red pom pom for the nose.
7.Fill with goodies.

Easy Christmas clay pot candy holders

This easy craft is perfect for teachers or friends to hold Christmas treats in.


Clay pots in assorted sizes
Acrylic paints in Christmas colors
Craft glue
Glitter, bows, fake holly leaves, or any other decorating items


Paint the pots in the color of your choice. The easiest way to do this is with sponge paintbrushes. Let the base color dry completely (if you are decorating the pot with glitter, sprinkle it on while the paint is still wet. This eliminates the need for glue.)
Decorate the pots however you want with a Christmas theme. Some ideas include writing their names, Merry Christmas, and so forth. If you want to write using glitter, use a glue pen and then sprinkle glitter over the letters. Cotton balls can resemble snow or snowmen.
Tie a bow around the neck of the pot and then fill with Christmas treats.

Candy Cane clay pot candy holder

This easy craft will hold Christmas candy.


White and red acrylic paints
Clay pot
Ribbon or bow


1.Paint the clay pot a base coat of white, then let dry completely.
2.Once it has dried, sketch

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