Printable Christmas Crafts for the Computer Illiterate

The computer and the Internet have completely changed the way that we do business, stay in contact with those that we care about, store personal data, and even live our lives. What is even more amazing is that the bulk of these technological changes have really only happened over the last 10 or 15 years. So while some people have been able to keep up with all of the changes (especially the young people who grew up being surrounded by computer technology) others of us are still reeling from the fast-paced lifestyle that is supported by computers and technology that now seems to be the norm. It is for these people that a printable Christmas craft seems like more of a hassle than a convenience. But with some trial and error and a few directions, even the most computer illiterate people out there will be able to benefit from the Christmas craft ideas that can be yours at a touch of a button.

The first thing that you will need to decide is what type of craft you want to make. While those with a little more computer know-how might use the Internet to browse through ideas, if you are not comfortable navigating the information super highway, it is generally best to have your own idea for what you want to look for before you begin searching for it. Of course you will want to remain relatively simple in the ideas that you formulate or you may end up just frustrating yourself with the process rather than enjoying the ease that using your computer and printer can provide for you.

Some ideas for some very simple printable Christmas crafts include children’s coloring pages or word puzzles. If you are looking to make something a little bit more three dimensional, you may consider searching for template pieces/drawings that you can cut out and then adhere to something. For example, you could cut out the facial features of an elf and use a paper bag to adhere them to and make a puppet. Start simple and as you get the hang of the process you may want to start making things that are more ornate.

Ok, now that you have a rough idea of what type of craft you want to make and what you will need to find on the computer, you will most likely need to do an Internet search for the items that you need or, of you have a program that has graphics, simply search through that specific program for the pictures that you are looking for. To do a simple Internet search you need to start by visiting a search engine. There are lots of options to choose from, so for simplicity’s sake we will choose Type into your browser window (that box that has the web addresses in it and starts with a “www” or an “http:”). Then when that search site comes up, in the box that shows up on the search site, enter in what you are looking for. You could type in “Santa coloring page” or “antler outlines” for example. The search engine will then take you to a page where you will see a list of possible websites that have matches to your search criteria, with these matches is a short description of what you will find when you click on the link and visit the site. Look through your options this way and find the printable Christmas craft item that meets your needs.

Once you have found what you want, simply push the print button with your mouse (it usually looks like a picture of a printer) or push the control (ctrl) button and the letter “P” on your keyboard at the same time to print out the page that you see on your computer screen.

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