Ideas for Clay Pot Christmas Crafts

For people who love to craft, Christmas is a great time to make a wide range of crafts that are both fun to create as well as give as gifts or use to decorate your home with.

Many people make Christmas crafts from clay pots. This is a great craft because there are so many things you can do with it. The following are some ideas for clay pot Christmas crafts:


Many of the clay pot crafts you will find will be for various Christmas figures, like Santa, Mrs. Claus, and even reindeers and villages. The variety of sizes makes it easy for you to create entire Christmas villages from clay pots. Just make sure you use varying sizes and plan ahead, or you will have a Santa Claus that’s as big as his reindeer!

Once you have all the clay pot figures in place for your village, you can then go about arranging them. Use fake snow or filling as snow, and consider placing plastic Christmas trees and other accessories around them.

Tree Toppers

Some clay pot Christmas figures, such as angels or even stars, are the perfect shape for tree toppers! You can even attach things to the holes in the bottom of the pots, using the clay pots as holders for other decorations or attachments.

Gift Holders

Decorating clay pots for Christmas is a good way to hold Christmas gifts, especially candy or other small items. They also add a personalized touch; everyone loves home made gifts that you put effort and care into making for them personally.


A festive holiday table can set the mood for your home and your Christmas meals, and clay pot Christmas crafts can be a great way to make table centerpieces for your Christmas place setting. You can also make clay pot Christmas crafts as place card holders, by making clay pot Christmas figures and attaching names to them, or by painting the guest’s names on the pots. You can also use them to make candle holders.


Clay pot Christmas crafts make great holiday gifts. This is especially true for co-workers, neighbors, or friends. This is a great way for kids to make gifts for their friends and teachers as well. Clay pot Christmas crafts as gifts can be left as decorative items, or they can be filled with goodies.


Miniature clay pots can be decorated as Christmas tree ornaments as well. Simply turn them over and put ribbon through the bottom holes, then hang them on your tree.

Where to find ideas for clay pot Christmas crafts

If you need some help getting started or would like some ideas for clay pot Christmas crafts, the following are some places you can find ideas:

The Internet. The Internet is chock-full of websites that have clay pot Christmas craft guides and ideas for crafters of all ages and skill levels. Just type in “Clay pot Christmas crafts” into a search engine.
Magazines. Crafting magazines are also great places to find ideas.
Craft stores. Often, craft stores will make crafts and display them, along with instructions. Clay pot craft ideas are common.

Whether you are making gifts, decorations, or ornaments, clay pot Christmas crafts are a great way to make creative, festive gifts and decor. The above are a few ideas for clay pot Christmas crafts that are fun to make.

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