Printable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Keeping your kids occupied during the winter months when the weather does not allow for outside play can be a challenge. There are usually only so many things that you can think of to suggest for them to do. Fortunately the holidays provide themes that can help us in our creative process. Christmas specific activities and crafts are not in short supply. If you are looking for more ideas for what you can do with your kids that is fun and easy, why not consider making printable Christmas crafts. Printable Christmas crafts come in all varieties. There is bound to be something that sparks the interest of your family and that you can enjoy doing together. Here are a few ideas of just such printable Christmas crafts that you may consider doing.

There are some very easy printable Christmas craft ideas that you can do at a moment’s notice. For example, in a matter of just a few minutes you can find a collection of Christmas themed coloring pages that you can print out and have your kids color. Word puzzles are also very easy to find with an internet search. Connect the dots or color by number pages can also be found, downloaded and printed in just a few moments. These printable Christmas crafts are always a good idea, but if you are looking for something that is a little bit more involved consider the following ideas:

Build your own snowman (paper doll)

Using only paper, you can create a piece of art and a fun toy to play with at the same time. By building your own snowman paper doll you can encourage creativity and teach the youngest ones vocabulary at the same time. All that you need to make this printable Christmas craft is to make an outline of a snowman on a stiff piece of paper and then find graphics of the various facial features and articles of clothing that the snowman might have. You can again use stiff paper and a Velcro backing to attach the decorations to your snowman or simply glue them on and then display these creations.

Dress up lollipop or candy cane as a reindeer

A great gift giving or Christmas ornament idea is to decorate inexpensive candy canes or lollipops to look like something new, like a reindeer. All that you need to do is print out some antler shaped outlines. Cut the outlines out of the paper and glue to the candy. Use a small red cotton ball as the nose and perhaps even eyes that wiggle. You could even add a small bell around the “neck” of the reindeer. This craft, enhanced, by easy to print antlers, can easily be mass produced making it ideal for classroom parties or favors for the holiday parties that you throw.


For a new way to re-use the printed coloring pages that your kids love, try cutting them up into jigsaw or puzzle pieces. Your child will be able to readily recognize their own creation and for absolutely no costs you can get two printable activities out of one. This activity turned craft also makes a great gift, you can even add a special message to the puzzle that can only be deciphered once the recipient puts together the pieces.

Be creative and try to think of other ways that you may be able to take the ideas for printable Christmas crafts for kids that you have read about here and adapt them to meet the needs and interests of your own children. Age appropriateness itself is good enough reason to make your own unique changes to the crafts that you may find online. Your kids will surely appreciate that they have something fun and exciting to do and you will enjoy seeing that enjoyment in them this Christmas season.

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