Fun, Festive and Free Printable Christmas Crafts

One of the best fun, festive and free printable Christmas craft projects that you are going to find anywhere online is pop-up Christmas cards. The best part about these cards is that there are a variety of various cards that you can create and they can all be found in the same place. To find the various cards simply go to Robert Sabuda.

Here are the directions for one of the pop-up cards.

Pop-up Snowflake

Print out this pattern on card stock paper or other heavy paper: Snowflake Step One
Print out this pattern on regular printer paper: Snowflake Step Two
•Using a ruler as a guide, take the rounded end of a paper clip and press along the dotted lines of the pop-up pieces and card
•Carefully cut out the pop-up pieces and card following the solid gray lines around the shape
•Fold the base piece of the snowflake in half and put it back to its original position
•Fold the left tab up and crease with your thumb or finger
•Put the tab back to its original position and repeat the steps on the right side
•Crease and push the center of the fold towards you with your index finger
•Fold the left arm over and across the piece
•Fold the left tab up and crease with your thumb or finger and put it back to its original position.
•Repeat last two steps for the right side
•Take the base page and fold it in half
•Apply glue to the grey areas marked glue here
•Position one side of the tab on top of the glued area. Do this to the other side as well
•Press down firmly with both hands and let the glue dry
•Take the piece printed on regular paper and fold it in half
•Fold the piece down
•And then up so that it forms a triangle

•Draw a line straight down the side of the triangle
•You should be able to see the dotted lines through the paper from other side
•Trace the dotted line on top of the triangle
•Carefully cut out small shapes above the line you just drew. The shapes can be small triangles, rectangles or squares
•Do the same on the other side of the triangle above the dotted line
•And then a last time on the last side of the triangle
•So now you should have three shapes cut out above the dotted line, one on each side of the triangle
•Unfold the piece to make your snowflake
•Fold the center of the snowflake away from you
•Crease the snowflake with your finger and then put it back to its original position
•Fold the right side tab of the snowflake
•Crease it with your thumb or finger
•Do the same thing to the other side
•Place both sides back to their original positions
•Apply glue to the areas marked “glue here” on the piece that is glued to the card
•Carefully align your snowflake on top of one side and then the other
•Press firmly and wait for the glue to dry, you do not need to press firmly until the glue dries you just need to press it into place
•Carefully fold your card in half and you are done.

More ideas for pop-up cards

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