Fingerprint Bell Ornaments

The tree ornaments are personalized with your kids’ fingerprints, making it a craft to be cherished for years to come.


Small terracotta pot
Red and green acrylic paints
4 small jingle bells
gold wire (24 gauge, or gauge preferred)
Wire cutters and scissors
Holiday ribbon


•Make sure the pots are clean and dry. If you want, you can paint them with acrylic paints.
•Have child dip their fingertip in a small amount of green craft paint. Blot once on paper, then press fingertip on terracotta pot. Repeat until finger needs to be dipped again.
•Dip the Q-Tip in red paint and dot on or near the fingertips. This makes the appearance of holly leaves and berries. Let dry thoroughly.
•Cut a length of wire, about 6 inches, then tie a loop at one end of the wire for the hanger.
•String on one jingle bell.
•Loop the wire back through the jingle bell about an inch below the loop. Then, put the terra cotta on with the bottom of the pot touching the jingle bell. String on another jingle bell (inside the terra cotta pot) and loop the wire back through the jingle bell. This holds the terra cotta pot in place. This is a difficult step that the adults will most likely need to help with.
•String on 2 more jingle bells and loop the wire back through the bottom jingle bell. Trim the excess wire.
•Tie a bow around the hanging loop wire and hang on your tree.

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