Pine Cone Carolers

It is the season to get the carolers out there on the tables. Yes, on the table. I mean, the pinecone carolers table decorations. These are cute, adorable, and fun for the holiday seasons.

This project will take about one hours time. The main hot glue parts of the craft will take some adult supervision.

Here is what you will need:

•Acrylic paints
•Capped acorns
•Hot glue (use this with supervision)
•2 small twigs
•2 small pinecones or you can use larger ones if that works well for you
•Glue stick
•Small piece of photo copied sheet music
•Colored construction paper

1.Start with painting a face on the capped acorns and let them dry.
2.Now you will want to hot glue the small twigs as arms, and the acorn heads onto the pinecones. Let this completely dry.
3.Now use the glue stick to glue the photo copied sheet music onto the small 1×2 pieces of colored construction paper.
4.Use the hot glue to attach the sheet music to the hands of the caroler.

This is all it takes to make cute table decorations for the holiday season. The kids will love them and so will your guests.

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