Handprint Footprint Reindeer

You can make a cute reindeer decoration for Christmas by using one footprint & two hand prints. First, gather a cut sheet, muslin fabric, or felt. Then find a stick from a tree and fasten it to the top of your fabric to make it like a banner. To fasten the stick to the fabric, simply fold down the material and hem it toward the back over the stick. If you do not have a sewing machine or would rather not sew, you can use fabric glue instead. The baby’s footprint is the “face” of the reindeer and the two hand prints are the “antlers” on each side of the top of the “face”. Add a red pom-pom nose, glue on wiggly eyes, draw a mouth and add on any other details that you would like (one example would be to tie a ribbon and bell around the neck of the reindeer so that the bell would ring whenever there was a breeze around your holiday banner. Of course this craft can also be done on a smaller scale by simply using paper instead of making the reindeer into a banner.

Santa Claus Doesn t Mop Floors (Bailey School Kids #3)
Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors (Bailey School Kids #3)
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