Why Your Children Should Watch Santa Claus Movies

Santa Closeup

The following are a few of the reasons your children should watch Santa Claus movies:
Helps them understand the season better. If you have small children you may not realize how confusing Christmas and the holiday season can be for them. Even if you sit them down and explain to them what is going on, why you have decorations, presents, caroling, etc. it may not sink in. A movie however, is a visual and understandable way show them, instead of tell them, what Santa Claus is all about. Movies are a great way to help them understand the season because most Santa Claus movies are non-denominational, explain Santa, the elves, the reindeer, gift giving, and more, all through showing. Your child will better understand Santa and his purpose in the season by seeing him in action in movies.

•Learn to give selflessly. One great reason for why your children should watch Santa Claus movies is because it shows them the morals that Santa stands for. Santa gives hundreds of gifts to good girls and boys, and does not ask for any in return. You can teach your child how to give selflessly, and with love by showing them how this jolly old elf gives of his time and efforts each year to bring joy into the lives of children everywhere. Many children struggle to give presents, they would rather receive them. By watching Santa Claus give them, they can learn to give, and enjoy giving the gifts this year as much as they enjoy getting them.

•Get in the spirit of Christmas. We listen to Christmas music to get in the spirit and mood, and you can do the same thing with Santa Claus movies. Help your little ones get into the spirit of Christmas, get the joy, excitement, and anticipation at full level by surrounding them with fun Santa Claus movies. They will want hot chocolate, they will want to wear red, and play in the snow, visit Santa, write letters, lists, bake cookies, and do all the Christmas things depicted in their Santa Claus movies.

•Get excited about Christmas. The more your child sees and understands what Christmas and Santa Claus are all about, the more excited they will be. By letting them watch a few Santa Claus movies, they will get fully excited about reindeer prancing on their roof, a fat little man coming down their chimney, their stocking being filled, and more. It is through observation and activity that most children learn about Christmas and Santa Claus. So help them get excited by letting them watch what Santa is all about in several different Santa movies.

•Good Christmas activity. Let’s face it, there are plenty of things you probably do not want your child doing during the holiday, like shop lifting, throwing snow balls at passing cars, etc. While your child may not do these things it is always good to keep them occupied doing something fun and that will get them in the spirit of Christmas, and Santa Claus movies are great for that. They can learn moral lessons, see twists on Santa, and get all of their questions about who he is, where he came from, and why he does what he does answered. Besides when it is cold outside, a movie is a great activity to keep children entertained and give them a rest for the play.

These are just a few of the reasons you should let your child watch Santa Claus movies.

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