Why Choose Santa Claus Movies During the Holidays?


The following are a few of the reasons to choose Santa Claus movies during the holidays:

1.They get you in the mood and get you excited. Especially little children. With great inspiring movies like Miracle on 34th Street which addresses disbelieving in Santa, and the joy the spirit of Christmas can bring into your heart, it is not wonder you should choose Santa Claus movies during the holidays. Of course there are plenty of other movies you could watch, but watching movies that embrace the holiday spirit, and show the true meaning of Christmas is a fun way to get yourself in the mood and excited for Christmas. Small children get especially excited for Christmas after watching Santa Claus movies.

2.They embrace goodwill and giving. Most Santa Claus movies have some sort of moral theme where you the viewer are supposed to understand that giving is better than receiving, and that there is power in believing. From humorous movies like The Santa Claus starring Tim Allen to children’s movies like Santa Claus is coming to town, all Santa Claus movies seem to instill us with a spirit of giving to one another, to enjoying the holidays, to believing in the magic of Christmas, and being happy with what we have. Many of these movies teach values on top of all that, but most leave you feeling good, wanting to share love and happiness with others. And after all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

3.They are not really appropriate to watch at other times of the year. One of the reasons you should choose then during the holiday season is when else will you watch them? Watching “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” in July does not make a whole lot of sense. So, embrace the fact that there are tons of cinematic masterpieces that are only appropriate to watch during certain times of year. You can start watching right after Thanksgiving and keep watching until the end of the year. This means you get a little over a month of Santa Claus movie viewing pleasure.

4.They are fun! There is really no better reason to watch Santa Claus movies during the holiday that this! They are a lot of fun. You get to see all the different creative versions of how Santa Claus came to be, what he does during his time off, and how he deals with the stress of his job, and the expense and time of making and delivering toys to all the good little girls and boys in the world.

5.Another big reason to watch Santa Claus movies during the holidays is that they can answer your children’s questions about Santa. Kids want to know all sorts of things, like where Santa started. Why he delivers toys. How he decided who is naughty and nice. What elves look like. How reindeer fly. How he gets back up the chimney, and more. There are a lot of Santa Claus movies out there that each take their own view of these mysteries and help explain them for the satisfaction of children and the relief of adults.

These are just five great reason to choose Santa Claus movies over other options during the holidays. There are plenty of variety in Santa Claus movies, so if you want romance you can find it, comedy you got it, drama, well there is that too.

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