Candle Safety

Making candles is a fun and rewarding crafting option, however, because you are dealing with hot wax in many cases, you want to observe the following safety tips:

1.Only heat your wax when you are ready to use it. If you heat it too soon you will have hot wax sitting around just waiting to spill on something or burn someone.
2.Use hot pads, protective gloves, etc. when using heated wax. It can get very hot and you run the risk of burning yourself if you do not use proper protection.
3.Prepare everything you need before heating the wax, and have it all in close proximity so you do not have to carry hot wax far, or try to find something while you are holding hot wax.
4.Keep small children away from your candle craft assembly area.
5.Heat your wax in the proper container, and do not heat in the microwave.

Once they are made, observe these safety tips:

•First and foremost, never leave candles unattended.

•Always keep candles in containers specifically designed for candle burning and only burn candles on heat resistant surfaces. Avoid having plastic containers and other flammable materials nearby.

•Always protect your candle from debris such as hair and dust. These things are common in homes, but can cause candle to not burn evenly, which can cause the flame to flitter and possibly spark a fire.

•Burn candles away from drafts. A draft could push the flame too close to burnable material, thus causing a fire. A draft will also cause your candle to burn unevenly, drip and smoke. If your house is drafty then make sure you keep the areas around your candle clear of paper, napkins, etc.

•Trim wicks down to

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