When to Start Watching Santa Claus Movies


There are hundreds of great Christmas and Santa Claus movies you can watch each year, from things like Santa Claus from 1985 to the 1996 Mrs. Santa Claus movie starring Angela Lansbury. So, with hundreds of movies out there, when should you start watching Santa Claus movies? The answer to that really is whenever you want. However, with tradition and custom, the answer is to start no sooner than Thanksgiving, and stop watching them once Christmas is over.

It does not make a lot of sense to watch a movie about Santa Claus in July. In fact, if you have small children that is probably a terrible idea because they will start to get excited about, and start anticipating Christmas, Santa, and all those presents a bit too early. So, a better option is to plan early, but start watching in late November.

If you have several family favorites, a good idea is to map out when you are going to watch them so that you do not miss any, and make sure you have them. If you have to rent them remember that other people may want to rent the same movies, so it is wise to go online, or call the movie rental place before hand to check their availability.

Also remember, you do not have to watch all of them at once. Christmas Day is a great time to watch a movie or two, as is Christmas Eve. These are times when you want to spend time with family, but do not always have a lot to fill the hours. Games, movies, and food are a great way to do this. Then watch the others here and there before Christmas, such as while you wrap gifts, or to get off your feet after a long day of fighting the crowds at the mall while you do your Christmas shopping.

When you watch your movies is up to you. Here are some fun ideas for how to get Santa Claus movies in:

You can create a Christmas count down with your favorite movies. Once the tables are cleared and the naps are over after Thanksgiving, continue digesting while you sit in front of a great warm up Santa Claus movie that gets you in the spirit and mood for Christmas. Then watch one each day as you count down to the day when the real Santa hops off the cinema screen and down your chimney to leave you gifts.

Choose one Santa Claus movie to watch per week, and that way you have something else to look forward to besides Christmas, which will help time go faster.

Many Santa Claus movies are expressly for small children. If you have small children you can let them start watching Christmas movies as early as you want them to get excited about Christmas. Little kids do not always have a lot of patience, and they do not always understand why they have to wait. So, if you think your children may struggle with waiting, do not start the Santa Claus movies until a week or so before Christmas. Many times watching the movies helps them to better understand the customs, traditions, and history of Christmas, as well as of Santa Claus. Such movies help kids learn what Santa Claus does and why, so when you want to teach them about giving gifts, not just receiving them, a great Santa Claus movie could really help.

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