History of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


Here is the history of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Rudolph is the beloved story of the ninth reindeer Saint Nicholas had to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. This guiding light was the way that Christmas presents got delivered to little children around the world when Saint Nicholas could not see.

Who is Rudolph?

Rudolph was not just like all the other reindeer. He was special. He had the ability to show a light for the guidance of the sleigh and other reindeer because of his shiny red nose. This red nose was powerful enough to brighten the path for all of the reindeer team and Saint Nicholas to see their way through the flight.

When did he come alive?

There have been movies, television shows, songs, and storybooks that have portrayed the story over many, many years. The story dates back as far as 1939. When the amazing creator Robert L. May came up with the story and the Rudolph Company L.P. took ownership of the base story, show and idea. After that time the movies, songs and much more came about, creating a heartfelt folklore that children all over the world enjoy.

The Music of Rudolph

The songs for Rudolph were started in 1949. The most remembered artist of the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song was by Gene Autry. Though since that time, there have been many artists to sing, change and even write new songs about this lovely little reindeer.

When did it hit the cartoons, movies and televisions?

In 1944 the first screen appearance happened. This was a rather short cartoon created in the same idea as the original story by Robert L. May. Max Fleischer Jam Handy Corporation wrote the story.

When was the book written?

In 1958 Golden book became part of this history by having a storybook created and published. The writer of this well-known children’s story is Barbara Shook Hazen. This book is not in print any longer. However, you can find the base story much like this original in many bookstores and children sections.

It finally hit the television!

The story that children have watched for decades on television made its debut in the winter of 1964. This was a hit. There were more children that have watched this Christmas story than most any other. The same original story was re-shown over the years because it is an all time favorite for the young and the old.

Big screen: was it a go?

Well the movie did not hit the box office as big, however it did nicely in its home release. The remade story was produced in 1998 and was named Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The story was a little more dramatic than originally planned. However overall the story had the basic idea and was a hit in many young people’s hearts and families.

Did Rudolph go on?

Well he sure did. Rudolph also was kept in hearts and mind by the creation of his son Robbie the Reindeer, also his brother Rusty the Reindeer. It is amazing how the stories can grow over time, yet the idea is what stays in our hearts and mind. This is the history of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So next time you sit down and read the story to your child, or watch the animated film with your youngster, you will know how it all came about. This is because for decades to come, Rudolph will still be in our hearts.

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