Christmas Candle Crafts

A great choice for a Christmas craft is to make candles to help you decorate or celebrate the holiday. Another great option for your Christmas candle crafts is to use them as a gift. The following are a few Christmas Candle craft ideas:

One fun idea for Christmas candle crafts is to make candles that smell like the best scents of the season. Start with holiday colored wax, such as red, green, or even white. Then mix in some spices. Clove, cinnamon, and sugar melted down into the wax can create a delightful candle scent when you later burn the candle. So, place your wick in your jar. Melt your wax, mix in the scents, and pour. Once it sets up you can decorate the outside of the candle with a holiday ribbon, or a painted on snow man.

Pine cone candles are another great choice for Christmas crafts. What you are going to need is a mold. You can pick up a mold at any craft store. Choose a mold that is shaped like a pinecone. Then choose your wax. These are more for decorations then for scent or lighting, so do not even worry about a wick if you don’t want to. You can create all sorts of molded candles to float, to use for decoration, or whatever else you want.

Another great option for Christmas candle crafts is to create a cute painted themed candle. What you need is some glass paint and a Christmas themed stencil. What you are going to do is take your container and paint a Christmas scene on it. You are going to do this by choosing your paint colors and getting a stipple brush. You will want to put your stencil on your container, and tape it in place so that it is a nice snug fit and so that there is not movement on it. You won’t want to have a loose looking stencil job. So, stipple on your paint and then let it dry before you take the stencil off. Then fill your container with the wick and wax of choice. You will love to have this cute little craft displayed on your window sill or on a mantel, piano, or somewhere else. So, enjoy this fun candle craft!

Another great candle craft you can do for Christmas is the candles with mementos inside. Choose a wax paper cup and line the inside with candy canes. What you are going to do is fill this cup with your hot wax, let set, then peel the cup off so that you have a beautiful candy cane candle. You can do this with any number of items. You can fill the candle container part way, and put little Christmas trinkets, peppermints, or anything else in it to make it a beautiful Christmas themed candle.

When making candle crafts for Christmas just take any candle craft idea you have and alter it so that it will work for Christmas. Tie a Christmas ribbon around it, paint the container so that it looks more Christmas like, or any number of other things. These can be fun crafts to use as gifts, or to make with your family as you gather for the holidays. Just remember that you have to be careful when working with hot wax. If you are making candle crafts with kids consider using gel or something that is not as hot as the wax needs to be.

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