Live Action Santa Claus Movies

With the hundreds of Santa Claus movies available to the average citizen, it is sometimes hard to make a decision about which movies to rent and watch at Christmas time. Of course, there are also tons of different kinds of movies. For example, with Santa Claus movies you have everything from the silent film of Clement C. Moore’s The Night Before Christmas to the other world Santa Claus stories about martians and more. You can choose animated, or you can choose movies with actors and actresses. The following are some of the favorite Santa Claus movies that use real people rather than animation:

Fred Claus: this is a new movie that came out in 2007. It is about Santa Claus’s older brother Fred Claus and his dislike for his brother St. Nick. The story shows his growth as a person and the struggles Santa faces when he is trying to determine naughty and nice children, make enough presents, and get them all delivered in one night. To know what happens in this movie you will just have to watch it. However, it is a great choice for a Santa Claus movie if you want some laughs, to feel the spirit of Christmas, and have a great ending.

The Santa Claus, 2, 3: This is a series of movies that feature Tim Allen. Tim plays a man named Scott Calvin who startles Santa, and makes him fall off a roof. Tim then puts on the Santa suit and effectively becomes the new Santa Claus. He of course fights this idea for a while as he really does not believe in Santa and thinks he is having a bad dream. However, over time he accepts it and uses it to help him get the love of his son back, and the respect of his ex-wife. The second and third movie are a continuation of this idea of Scott Calvin becoming Santa, and some of the adventures he has. The first of these movies came out in 1994, and is still popular. They are funny, address some of the common beliefs about Santa, such as chimney ascension, reindeer flying, etc. while putting a fresh twist to the idea of Santa.

Mrs Santa Claus: This is the story about Santa’s wife. Angela Lansbury plays Mrs. Claus in this Hallmark film. It is about an hour and a half long, and takes a new twist on a Santa Claus movie telling it from the perspective of his wife. Any woman can appreciate the tale of being married to such a well known man who is so extremely busy all year long.

Miracle on 34th Street: This is a classic movie that has a newer version, both of which are great. However, one film uses the US Postal Service to prove Santa Claus exists, and the other uses faith. So, they are both worth watching. This is a movie about a man who claims he is Santa, and his fight to prove that he is, even though he really would rather not at all. It is a fascinating movie that stars a young girl who struggles with the concept of Santa and does not believe. This movie captures the idea of how commercial Christmas has become, and brings it back around to how wonderful it can be, and how to get lost in the spirit of Christmas.

These are just a few examples of the great Santa Claus movies starring real people!

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