Great Santa Claus Movies for Little Kids

When Christmas comes all the little kids get excited. It is like right after Thanksgiving when the lights start to show up on houses, and Santa appears in the store windows, the children can’t help but feel excited and anxious for the holiday. One of the best ways to help a child get and stay in the Christmas spirit, and enjoy the holiday season and the long anticipated wait is to watch Santa Claus movies.

The following are some great Santa Claus movies for little kids:

Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause: This is a great kids movie because in this movie they get to visit the North Pole with the new Santa Claus and learn how everything works. They get to see elves, reindeer flying, and more. In this movie Santa falls off the roof, and Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, takes his place. He does not want to, and does not even believe in Santa Claus, but he learns to and in doing so learns the meaning and importance of Christmas, family, etc.

A Charlie Brown Christmas from 1965. This is a great children’s movie because it uses fictional animated characters that are easily recognized, and has them portray a fun Christmas story. Children all over the world are familiar with the Peanuts characters, and can relate to their blunders, mishaps, worries, and enjoyment of Christmas. In this movie Santa Claus does not play as large of a role, but he still is part of the story.

The 1970 version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town: This wonderful movie was created by the makers of Golden Books and it follows their story book about Santa’s visit to the children. This classic book makes a great children’s movie because it is something they are familiar with already, and it helps fuel their imaginations as they show visions of sugar plums, white snow banks, and of course the red wearing, round, jolly elf. And, because the movie is only about an hour long, children do not lose interest before the story is through. It is not too long for a parent to sit through with their child, and it is full of magical fun for the whole family. This is an excellent choice for a children’s Santa Claus movie.

Miracle on 34th Street. This movie is a classic favorite that has an older version, and a newer, more updated version. Both versions show Santa Claus in the life of a little girl who does not believe. Santa does his best to make life better for kids, moms, and everyone he meets. He ends up getting a job at a big department store as their Santa. A competing store that is jealous ends up calling him crazy for believing he is Santa. In the movie they hold a court hearing about whether or not he is real or exists. This movie is great for kids because one of the main characters is a child they can relate to. The Santa is very real, and he does a great job of portraying all of the traits one thinks of when they think Santa. This Santa Claus movie helps children see that while not everyone believes in Santa that he is real to those who want him to be and can bring joy and love into their lives.

There are many more Santa movies out there that would be great for kids, so just consider visiting your local movie store and renting a stack to enjoy during the holiday season.

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Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas
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