Footprint and Handprint Angel

This Christmas angel is made with a footprint body and two handprint wings. For a longer lasting version use a heavy paper, craft foam or poster board.

What you will need:


Project Instructions:

Step One-Have the child who is making the angel stand on paper (or poster board/craft foam) with feet together. Trace the outline to form body/robe of the angel. Cut out the traced image.

Step Two- Trace both hands (or use yellow paint and make a paint handprint) on white paper. These handprints will form the wings. They will look better if the fingers aren’t spread too far apart.

Step Three-Attach the body and wings together using the glue.

Step Four-Decorate the angel robe and wings as desired. Let the kids use their creativity. They can fill in the wings with sparkles/sparkle glue or glue bits of shiny gift wrap (gold) or yellow tissue paper to the wings.

Step Five- Cut out a photo of the child or a magazine picture to serve as the head. Once you see how big the body is, you’ll know what size head you need (it all depends on how big your child’s feet are). Glue the head to the body and wings.

Variations: Add a halo if desired: you can use pipe cleaner or ribbon shaped as a halo, or cut out a many pointed star shape or just a simple circle from shiny gift wrap or tinfoil and paste behind head ( this should totally surround the head).

You can also write the following poem on the robe or on a separate tag:

This little angel is special you see;
Because she is a part of me.
Her wings are my hands,
Her body my feet,
And on the tree she’ll look very sweet.

You can also add the child’s name and the year.

Add a string if you wish to hang your angel on the tree.

You can also use it as a lovely personalized gift tag.

Age recommendations: This craft is best for kids under twelve years of age.

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