Paper Cone Angel

Angels have always been a central figure at Christmas. Whether you like a regal iconic angel or a cute baby-faced angel there is a craft for you to make your style of angel decoration. For some added fun with the kids in your life gather them together for some fun angel crafts. Each craft here is presented with instructions, variations and age recommendations so you can be sure and choose the right angel craft for you and your kids.

Paper Cone Angel Craft

This cute angel can sit as a centerpiece or dinner table decoration, or as a seating arranger (just write the name of each person on an angel and set them on the plates) or you can put her on top of a small Christmas tree!

What you will need:

paper or cardstock
glue or tape
1/2 large paper doily or 1/2 circle of white paper
OPTIONAL: glitter glue, sparkles, sequins, lace or markers

Project Instructions:

Step One-Cut the doily in half (so you have a half circle). If you wish you can
then add glitter glue, sparkles or sequins to decorate the wings.

Step Two-Cut out the half circle from heavy paper or cardstock. Pull one edge over to another and glue or tape so you have formed a cone. This is the angel’s body.

Step Three- Glue the doily wings onto the back of the cone.

Step Four-You can then make head for your angel by coloring and cutting out a face to attach to the front of the cone or attaching a small painted Styrofoam ball.

Step Five- Decorate the cone as desired with sparkles, glitter glue, sequins or lace.

Variations-You can decorate your angels to reflect each family member or as a gift topper.

Age recommendations-This project is recommended for all children age 3 years old and up.

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