Angel Treats Apothecary Jar

If you are looking for something different to do during the holidays why not try your hand at making angel crafts. Angels have always been a central theme of Christmas. The best thing about angel crafts is that they can be as simple or complicated as your craft abilities will allow. You can work on angel crafts at your own pace or gather your friends and family around you for a fun holiday tradition. Angel crafts run the gamut from knitted, decoupage to painted. So here are some ideas to get you started on making your own angel crafts for the holidays.

Project rating: Easy

What you will need:

An angel decal of your choice (available at craft stores or online)
1 square apothecary jar
Shallow bowl of water
Paper towel
Home baked treats or wrapped candies

Instructions for the project:

Step One-Following the directions on the package cut out the decal you wish to use. Place it in the bowl of warm water for approximately 30 seconds. At that point the decal should slide free of the backing very easily. Place it onto the clean apothecary jar and using a paper towel, smooth from the center out removing all the air bubbles, drying and, straightening the decal as you go.

Step Two-Fill with treats of your choice. For presentation tie a pretty bow around the neck of the jar and add a tag. One of the remaining decals can be placed on card stock and used as your card.

Variation: A thin coat of water based varnish can be placed over the decal if desired. In place of edibles, hand made or purchased potpourri can be placed in the decorated jar.

Tips for the project: Any smooth sided jar can be used in place of the apothecary jar. If recycling a jar you can decorate the lid. If the lid is too small one of the decals can be cut and just a portion, like the head and shoulders of the angel, can be used.

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