Top Ten Funny Christmas Songs

Christmas Caroling

Christmas music comes in all forms: solemn and religious, heartwarming and traditional and sometimes very funny. Songwriters have embraced the joy of the season by creating Christmas songs that tickle our funny bones. Some are just humorous while others are laugh out loud funny! If you are looking for a chuckle this holiday season, check out this list of the top ten funny Christmas songs. The songs are listed in no particular order with some brief background to get you acquainted with them

1.Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer-This song is perhaps the most irreverent look at family dynamics during Christmas, but one would be hard pressed not to laugh at the image of poor Grandma’s demise. Country artist Cletus T. Judd recorded this song in 2002 giving families everywhere a new reason to admire Grandma’s blue and silver wig.

2.Rockin around the Christmas Tree-Brenda Lee’s 1942 classic Christmas carol may not be of the belly laugh variety but was actually a somewhat underhanded jibe at the older generation while the young kids “rocked” around the Christmas tree. Written by Johnny Marks generations later people are still rocking along with this jolly tune.

3.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Everyone loves the innocent depiction of an unsuspecting youngster finding Mom kissing “Santa Claus”. This song is like an inside joke among adults as they spread the joy and wonder of Santa Claus. Written in 1952 by Tommie Connor this song will bring a smile to your face as you reflect on a more innocent time.

4.Up on the Housetop-This song gives root to the argument of, “up on the rooftop reindeer pause or paws?” While linguists may continue to debate over this song, you can’t help but smile at the image of “out jumps good old Santa Claus”. This song was written by Benjamin Russell Hanby all the way back in 1864.

5.Santa Claus is coming to Town-One would think this song was written as part of the arsenal of parental warnings for misbehaving children. But it was actually written by Haven Gillespie and John Fredrick Coots back in 1932 to help lighten Depression-era worries. It was joyfully received by a radio listening public.

6.Frosty the Snowman-Who could not help but smile when hearing this song about the antics of a snowman come to life? While Frosty does not stay long this is one of the most familiar carols. This song was written by Steve Rollins and Steve Nelson in 1950 and recorded by Gene Autry. The duo was inspired to try this song after their mega successful hit, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

7.All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth-This song usually sung by a lisping child has to make you smile as you picture the toothless youngster wishing for the impossible before Christmas. This carol was written by Donald Yetter Gardner who wrote the song in 1944 while teaching music at public schools in Smithtown, New York. When he asked the class what they wanted for Christmas, and noticed that almost all of them had at least one front tooth missing as they answered in a lisp. Gardner wrote the song in thirty minutes. The song was originally recorded by Spike Jones and The City Slickers on December 6, 1948.

8.I’m Getting Nuttin for Christmas-This carol has become the anthem for naughty kids everywhere! Written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett this song has been recorded a number of times. While we may wonder with today’s parenting styles why the youngster does not have better boundaries for behavior you can not help but smile at his honesty.

9.A Chipmunk Christmas-It just stands to reason that anything sung by three animated chipmunks is funny-enough said. Alvin and the Chipmunks came to fame with their Christmas album back in 1987. Since then they have guest-starred numerous times with lots of different celebrities to sing their Christmas hits.

10.The Twelve Days after Christmas-There is perhaps no other song that depicts the reality that sets in after Christmas better than this song. This may be the song that serves as a warning to carefully choose the gifts you send to your true love! Written by Fredrick Silver the joke is usually heightened as this song is meant to be sung in a serious and solemn choir style.

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