To Whom Do You Send Homemade Gift Baskets?


Sometimes the hardest part of planning Christmas is determining who gets what gift. Solving this problem may be easy if you decided that making homemade Christmas gift baskets will work for you. Homemade Christmas gift baskets are fun to design, easy to make, and the recipient will be delighted by your efforts. In addition, gift baskets can be made stylishly on any budget. If you have determined that making homemade Christmas gift baskets is a gift solution for you, the next step is deciding who will get a gift basket and what kind you will make.

College students: Whether or not your college student will be home for the holidays, they will be delighted to receive a gift basket. Most college students are lacking in funds and would be happy to receive anything but consider sending a gift basket filled with snacks, easy to prepare dorm food(cups of soup, hot chocolate, etc.),gift certificates for pizza or a gas card if your student has wheels.

Military: Anyone serving in the military would love to receive a gift basket. Be sure and check with their unit to determine what the limitations are before sending anything. Most soldiers no matter where they are stationed would love to receive a gift basket filled with cookies (certain kinds ship better than others), hard candies, playing cards, stationary and stamps.

Teachers: Many teachers receive the same gifts year in and year out. Why not give your child’s favorite teacher a gift basket this year? Teachers are generally overworked and underpaid so why not indulge your teacher with gift certificates to a favorite spa for a pedicure or manicure; in addition add a gift certificate for eating out or movie tickets and your gift basket will score an A! There are lots of teacher themed goodies that you could throw in as well. Note cards, fun pens, punches, and art supplies would be appreciated as well.

Service people: Perhaps you have service people in your life that you would like to remember at Christmas. A gift basket is a great way to do that. Your diligent postman would love a gift basket with a mug and hot chocolate packets for those cold mornings that he always delivers. Your hairdresser might appreciate a small candy-filled gift basket as a thank you for a job well done. While these gifts do not have to be large and indulgent you can really use your creativity in designing a gift basket to thank them for all they do for you.

Neighbors: Why not surprise your closest neighbors this year with a gift basket? These baskets do not have to be elaborate or large but what family would not love to receive a popcorn tin and a free video rental. You could add a liter of soda pop or other fun candy as well. If you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding pop corn tins consider using plastic containers (found at most craft stores) and put in some envelopes of microwave popcorn along with the other goodies.

Family and Friends: The bottom line is that there is no one who would not be delighted to receive a home made Christmas gift basket. When designing a gift basket for a family member or friend ask yourself: Is there something they really like doing, eating, or something special they dream about? Do they have a favorite color, food, or even celebrity? Once you have the answer you will know how to design the perfect homemade Christmas gift basket that will be their favorite present this Christmas.

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