What to Put in Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking and Present

Christmas is approaching and it’s time once more to think of buying Christmas gifts for family and friends and also to come up with some innovative ideas to fill up your family stockings. If you can never think of a unique Christmas stocking filler for your family, start by making a list of the people in your family and listen carefully to any gift suggestions they may have. They may reveal a gift or two that will actually fit perfectly in your budget as well as into their stockings. Make sure that you don’t only have one gift idea in mind for each person in the family. That way, when you are ready to go out shopping for the best Christmas stocking filler, you have a variety of possible gifts to choose from. This will make your Christmas so much more relaxing and pleasant.

If you have a limited budget, there are still lots of good ideas of quality stocking stuffers by which everyone are sure to be delighted and which will bring smiles to each face in your family. If you live near a discount store, take a trip over there and walk down the isles to get some ideas of what they have and what you think everyone would like to see in their stockings on Christmas morning. The discount store usually has a fairly large selection of inexpensive goods to choose from which should give you plenty of choices to fill up the family Christmas stockings.

Consider buying batteries for the toys and for all the electronic gadgets you purchased for your little ones, teenagers, or spouse for Christmas gifts. You can place the batteries into their stockings. Everyone will like them because it will help them to enjoy their Christmas gift right away. How about buying school supplies? This is another practical and cheap stocking filler that your kids can use immediately and for next year’s school supplies. Another stocking idea is a disposable camera. Older kids love to take pictures and isn’t it a good idea to have your kids take pictures of what’s going on during Christmas day instead of you? Your kids will have great fun taking pictures using their own camera which may give them the idea of starting their own scrapbook.

If you visit the arts and crafts supplies retailers, you can find plenty of craft supplies that your kids can enjoy creating. These supplies are sure to be great stocking stuffers. You can fill their stockings up with crayons, colored pencils, markers and paint which will not be too expensive. The kids can continue to use these supplies long after Christmas is over for other activities. You also have the choice to fill each one of their stockings with their all time favorite candies, chocolates and oranges. This way you can be sure that everyone will enjoy opening up his or her stockings on Christmas morning and will savor some of the goodies.

Some other stocking ideas for the older kids and your spouse can be any office supplies such as pens, a paper weight, pencils, and much more to fit your budget. For the man of the house, you can think of buying him some useful tools, any sports accessories and maybe some signed photographs of his favorite players. You can fill up the little children’s stockings with something more educational, for example building blocks, legos or flash cards. Other good gifts to consider can be some magnets, play-dough, little cars, toy soldiers, yo-yos and so forth. Travel size games or card games are also good stocking stuffers. They can use these mini games in the car to keep them occupied while traveling.

The best Christmas stocking stuffer of all is probably a simple letter to each member of the family expressing your love and the fun things you remember about them. This is not going to cost you any money and can actually be a very delightful Christmas tradition for the family to start. This is truly a gift that everyone will always treasure and cherish for years.

As you can see, you really don’t have to spend a fortune to fill those beautiful Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace. Whatever you decide to buy, your children will always have smiles when it’s time to open up their stockings.

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