When to Take the Lights Down

When do you take your Christmas lights down? There are many traditions, logistics and norms that are out there. The thing about traditions and holidays is you have the option to do what ever makes you happy!

Here we will cover some of the options that are the norms for one reason or another. However, really it is going to be what makes sense to you. Have fun reading and making the choice for your family.

Before there was any religious significance there were pine trees brought into the homes for good luck, the smell and the splendor. Along with trees, there was ivy and mistletoe that went along with this. There were some Roman beliefs involved in addition to some Greek and Christian beliefs that brought the decorations for Christmas around in a round about way.

There is a claim that the Christmas tree, and some other decorations date back to the eighth-century. Thus if you were to look at the traditions of the decorations, you would need to consider looking back a long way.

Originally the idea was that a small fir tree would be taken inside for good hope, peace and safety for the wintertime. With this in mind you can see how many people then went from the long time of the winter to anywhere around 12-30 days.

There are many dates that include other traditions based on Christian beliefs. However overall the key is continuing a tradition that works from these basic ideas. It would include using the tree for a specific amount of time for luck, health, peace and of course, the idea to be in tune with other people around you.

So with this, you can move to the more modern day traditions. Most people have found that starting somewhere after Thanksgiving up to Christmas Eve to decorate. Then removing the lights, tree and decorations, somewhere after the first of the New Year is pretty standard.

Lights and decorations can extend in life much longer than that of a tree. Thus, your lights can be up for a month without any real problems. This would be other than the electrical costs. If you plan on going with the full month of lights, it would be a good idea to go with the LED lights, instead of incandescent lights. Purely for the cost of electricity it will save you and what it will save on the environment.

There are many that base their traditions of when to put up and take down lights with the basis on what their parents did. This can be on either side of the family. Asking your spouse, or family what traditions they go with helps to come up with a good idea also.

You can also look at the tradition of 12 days before Christmas and 12 days after Christmas. This comes from the tradition of the Liturgy. They would end up having all of the lights, trees and other decorations removed on January 6th.

There are people though, who believe a New Year should not be brought in with old stuff. So the 31st of December, all lights, trees and decorations are removed and only the glitter of a New Year shows.

Whichever traditions seem to match what you feel works with your family’s beliefs. It comes down to what will make you comfortable and happy. This is even if this means making traditions of your own. It is fun to do, and really can create a great amount of luck and happiness.

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