When Should the Lights Go Up?

When do you put up your Christmas lights? The holidays are right around the corner. So are the frosty winds, snow, and maybe even ice. So in order to stay on the lesser side of tacky, but yet not have to freeze out in the cold, what will be the best time you can put out your Christmas lights?

Avoid Tacky Timing

The thing about Christmas and many other Holidays is that much of the time they land one holiday per month. Now, for most of those holidays there is around thirty days plus or minus between the major holidays. That is other than for a couple, like from Christmas to New Years. Though, for the most part there is a month that goes with that holiday.

Many people find that they like to decorate for that month. So for many who hang out lights, or other decorations, they will start on December 1st. However, many people take down the decorations from Thanksgiving, and put up their Christmas decorations at that point.

It is really up to you. Christmas in June may not be that popular. However, if you put your decorations up anywhere around or after Thanksgiving and take them down around or after New Years, you should be pretty low on the tacky scale.

Be the Leader in Holiday Cheer

In fact you could be a leader in your neighborhood of holiday spirit and cheer. That is what it is all about. Making sure you fit in? Well for some anyway. For others of us, we just love the holiday spirit and want to get the most enjoyment from our work for the longest period of time.

Safety First

Whatever the reason you hang your lights and decorations up; you will find that there are many ways and reasons to do them in a safe way. Safety is the next reason some people hang their Christmas lights earlier. They may have cold harsh winters. They know that the snow and ice will make it nearly impossible to hang the lights much later than the beginning of November. They won’t be turned on until December.

What you can do is take a look at how the weather is in your area. Also, you can look at how difficult it would be to hang your lights on your home. How extensive are you wanting to decorate your home. Will it be a few lights on the trees? Or are you going full blown Christmas show? That will also make a difference in how late you want to hang your lights.

When Hanging Up Lights Early

In the areas where it is colder, what can you hang out for lights without making your home look cluttered? This is a really good question, because you will want lights out there when it gets cold. But, you probably do not want to have those lights showing in October. Well you can hang out those lights and not feel too self conscious about them.

When homes have higher roofs, or the owners just simply don’t want to climb up to the roof in the winter. They will hang their lights earlier in the year, or may even leave them up all year. I don’t know how tacky that is. But, if you want your house to be very decorated, I can see why a few lights hanging through the year, probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Pale-colored lights may be a little less obvious. So if you wanted to go to the clear lights, in hopes they won’t be seen, you could try that.

It is up to you really. It is your thoughts about your lights that will make the difference you are looking for. Really most people do not see them until you turn those lights on. However, if it came to safety before tacky, I think I would choose safety.

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