Making Homemade Gift Baskets

Kids with Gifts

If you have decided that making homemade gift baskets will be part of your holiday gift giving this year here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

1. Plan, plan and plan some more! The key to successfully making homemade Christmas gift baskets (especially if you are making more than one) is to have a plan. Map out what you want to do for each gift basket, what to include and how much you want to spend. That way you won’t end up with a gift basket that only has two small items and another basket that was supposed to cost $20 that ended up costing $80.

2. Shop the sales. Once you have a list of what you want to include in your gift baskets that allows you to shop the sales. By planning ahead you might be able to find that perfect item or items for your gift baskets at much lower than you budgeted for. In addition you might have your creativity sparked by finding something at a great price that just might make your gift basket just that much more special!

3. Plan your time! While the majority of your time might be taken up in the shopping or making of the items for your gift basket do not forget to set aside enough time to put your baskets together. After all your careful planning, shopping and designing you do not want to find yourself simply throwing your gift baskets together at the last minute. Many people find that a wonderful holiday tradition can be established by gathering family and friends together to help assemble gift baskets.

Now that you have a plan, are shopping the sales and have your time set to put the baskets together, here are some ideas for gift baskets:

For the Italian food lover-

In a colorful colander (pasta strainer) put the following things

•A bag of artisan pasta
•A jar of gourmet pasta sauce
•A micro grater for parmesan cheese
•A pasta spoon
•A cookbook of Italian recipes

Dress it up with some colorful checked napkins and pasta bowls!

For the spa lover-

In a beautiful, waterproof container (so it can be kept near the tub) put the following things

•An aromatherapy candle
•Hand milled soaps
•Scented lotion and body wash
•A loofah and pedicure brush
•Pedicure tools and lotions
•A favorite color of nail polish

Dress it up with a gift certificate to nearby spa!

For the sports lover:

In a container with the logo of their favorite team (these can be ordered online) put the following things

•An insulated cup*
•A hat*
*with the logo of their favorite team on it
•Their favorite chips
•Their favorite soda

Dress it up with a pay per view sports subscription or tickets to see their favorite team play!

For the gardener:

In a terra cotta pot put the following things

•Gardening gloves
•Hand gardening tools
•A reference book on planting and growing
•Seed packets applicable to their area
•A small potted plant

Dress it up with a gift certificate to local nursery!

For the gourmet food lover-

In a picnic basket place the following things

•One or two gourmet cheeses
•A loaf of artisan bread
•Some gourmet toppings (olive tapenade, pesto etc)
•A gourmet recipe book from a celebrity chef
•A box of pastries from a gourmet bakery

Dress it up with a gift certificate for a class at a local cooking school or restaurant!

For the budding artist:

In an art supply box with a lid put the following things

•Paints and brushes
•Markers and colored pencils
•Lots art paper and sketching pads
•Small art scissors
•A book about their favorite artist

Dress it up with a gift certificate for an art class or admission to a nearby museum!

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