Making Your Christmas Stockings

It’s really the little one-of-a-kind gifts that you receive or make for yourself or for others that create memories. It’s that special something that you bring out for your Christmas decor year after year that helps you relive the good old times. This expectation of Christmas becomes more and more of a joy as each year passes by. As Christmas approaches, you just can’t wait to start decorating your house and your yard with beautiful Christmas decorations. Stockings are just one of the special things that you wait to see each year over your fireplace. They are extra special and become heirlooms when they are handmade. Making your own stocking can look awesomely stunning.

•Start by choosing fabrics that best represent the Christmas colors, for example red, green, gold and white. The fabrics can also be dark, light, solid or pattern fabrics. When you are shopping for your fabric, try to find one from the back of the stocking pile of the fabric store.

•If you have an old stocking that you are going to throw away, use it to provide you the basic outline for making the new one before tossing it, or if you want, you can simply sketch your own pattern by tracing it on paper. Once you have decided on your ideal pattern, trace it on the chosen fabrics according to the desired size then cut two identical “L” shapes from that fabric. Make sure to make the bottom part a little bit larger so you can have plenty of room for Santa to stuff gifts inside. Check to see that you have matching thread for all the colors showing on your chosen fabric to make your stocking. Then sew together the two pieces of fabric together. If you decide that you want the top trim to be fur or velvet, just measure the thickness and the width of the desired trim and cut it out in a horizontal strip. You can use a glue gun to attach the trim.

•When you are done with sewing all the parts to your stocking, now you can think about adding all the bells and whistles to it. You can use applique, jingle bells, bows, lace or stars to make your stocking look stunning and beautiful. Now give yourself a pat on the shoulders for a job well done. You’ve made some family heirlooms that you and your family will enjoy for many generations.

If you choose not to spend money on Christmas fabrics, you have the option to use papers as an alternative. Kids will be great to help you with this craft project. They will have a lot of fun and you will enjoy the time spent teaching them to use their creativity and talents to turn something simple into an attractive piece of art. Trace on a brown paper or on a colored paper of your choice the pattern of the ideal stocking. Next, cut out the two pieces outlined of the same shape, then join them with glue. After the glue has dried, punch round holes along the edges to allow you to weave pretty Christmas colored ribbon, lace or yarn. Decorate your plain Christmas paper stocking with fabrics, and other beautiful materials that you can find at your local craft stores.

If you are struggling this Christmas to come up with a great Christmas gift idea for a family member or a special friend, why not making them a stocking that they will treasure for many Christmas celebrations to come? A homemade Christmas stocking makes a good Christmas gift for anyone on your list. Consider making a Christmas stocking for this holiday season to give to someone. Get started on one now so you can finish it on time to give as a gift for that special someone.

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