Christmas Crafts For Charity

The Christmas season is a time of the year when many people take time to appreciate what they have and look for ways to help those who do not have as much. Donating to charities is a great way to celebrate Christmas. You can contribute to charities through making crafts as well. Below are a few examples of how being creative can also benefit those in need.

Decorate A Soup Kitchen

Most people are familiar with what a soup kitchen is. In short, a soup kitchen is where less fortunate people can go to receive a free hot meal. You can use your craft skills to make sure that a soup kitchen near you is festive this holiday season. You can make a dozen different kinds of decorations that can then be used to decorate places like a soup kitchen. More examples of possible craft ideas in a setting such as this include making placemats by weaving together strips of construction paper or decorating small ornaments to give as a gift to lift the spirits of those receiving a meal. Even something as simple as a candy cane can make a difference. This Christmas craft activity is a great one to do as a family, so make sure that as you make your crafts you involve your children in the process.

Food Drive Crafts

Food drives are very popular during the holiday season as most people are in the giving mood. You can encourage even more generosity by making these collection bins for canned items more aesthetically appealing. Be creative and think of ways that you can turn an ordinary box into something like a chimney and have a Santa look-alike (a homemade mannequin, like a scarecrow) standing in the middle of if. You can cover the collection bin with fabric and make it look like Santa’s bag of treats.


During the cold winter months many less fortunate families go without the comforts of a well heated home. Making quilts and blankets and then donating them to charity is an excellent way to make a real difference in someone else’s life. Making a Christmas quilt does not require the skills of an expert seamstress. With a little guidance, anyone can create a warm blanket to spread the warmth of the holiday season.

Filled Stockings

Making and filling stockings is a fun craft that is especially fun for children to do for other children. With felt and some yarn or thread you can mend together two identical pieces of felt that have been cut out in the shape of a stocking. You can then fill the stocking with small gifts and treats. This sort of gift does not have to be limited to a charity. You can make and send these filled stockings to members of the armed forces, to teachers, or family members and friends.

Donate your crafts to a charity auction

If you are skilled at a certain trade or are just good at making crafts, but do not know how to make the connection between your crafts and helping the needy, consider donating your crafts to a charity auction. Charity auctions are designed to take donations and sell them at auctions where the proceeds are then sent to a charity. If you are not sure how you can contribute to a charity directly, donating crafts to an auction is an excellent way to use your skills to help a charity without having to figure out a more involved plan. Making and giving Christmas crafts to charity is a memorable and significant way to remember the purpose behind celebrating the Christmas season.

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