Fancy Ribbon Ideas


Ribbon can be used in many ways, because cellophane tape does so much of the job of holding the paper on the box. Choose a color of ribbon that enhances the paper, and try these decorative ideas.

Wrap around. Wind the ribbon around the gift box once. Cut and secure.

Wrap ribbon around the box once


Basket weave. Wind three ribbons around the height of the box. Fasten the ends. Weave three ribbons between the stationary ones, around the length of the box. Secure.

Weave ribbon around a package.


Crisscross. Hold one end of the ribbon at one end of the box. Wind the ribbon around lengthwise, cross the ribbon at the starting point and wind around the width. Fasten at starting point.

Crisscross ribbon around a box.


Double crisscross. Follow instructions given above, and repeat, forming two crisscrosses,

Try a double crisscross.

Single hourglass. Wind two or more bands around box. Tie together and separate the bands at the edges of the box.

Tie the ribbon in an hourglass shape.


Double hourglass. Follow instructions given above, then wind the ribbons around in the other direction. Fasten the bands together at one end of the box, and separate at the outer edges.

Try two hourglasses.


Corner cross. Hold the end of the ribbon at one corner. With the other hand, wind the ribbon in a clockwise direction . . . over a corner, under the next, over, then under and back to the starting point. Secure the ends.

Cross the ribbon over the corners.

Double corner cross. Tie the ends for a single corner cross. Reverse the direction. Wind the ribbon around the box in a counter-clockwise direction. Secure the ends at the starting point.

Cross the ribbon over the corners.

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