Your Christmas Tree: What You Should Know


Christmas trees are a wonderful family tradition. Decorating the Christmas tree can bring the family together, and leaves you with a beautifully decorated holiday tree. But with so many options available to you in choosing a Christmas tree, how can you possibly pick? And where did the idea of Christmas trees come from anyway? And what’s the best way to decorate your Christmas tree? Here are some things you should know about your Christmas tree.

First, let’s talk about where the tradition of Christmas trees comes from. It originally stemmed from pre-Christian pagan cultures. Some pagan cultures believed that evergreen trees were magical, since they stayed green even when all other plant life was brown and bare. More recently, the tradition of Christmas trees can be traced to early Germany. Some say that St. Boniface started this beloved tradition, while others believe that Martin Luther was the first to decorate a small tree in his home. Regardless of where it started, it is a beloved custom that quickly spread to almost all Christian cultures throughout the world.

There are many options involved when choosing a Christmas tree. What you choose may largely depend on the type of tree that is available in your area. But here are some common types of Christmas trees and a brief description:

Eastern Red Cedar- This tree is a popular southern Christmas tree. This tree’s leaves are a dark, shiny, green color and are sticky to the touch. It has a pleasant scent, but can dry out quickly.

Douglas Fir- This tree has an excellent fragrance with blue to dark green needles that are 1″ to 1

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