All About Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a fun and beautiful Christmas tradition. Almost any home that celebrates Christmas will also have a Christmas tree. But where do we get Christmas trees? Why a tree? Where do they come from? And what are the best types of trees to get? What should you know about Christmas trees? To answer these questions and more, let’s learn about Christmas trees!

First, where does the tradition of Christmas trees come from? Originally, the Christmas tree is believed to have originated from pre-Christian pagan cultures. Some pagan cultures believed that evergreen trees were magical, since they stayed strong and green even when all other plant life was brown and bare. Ancient Romans decorated their homes and temples with such greenery during their special December feast.

However, the tradition of Christmas trees can be more recently traced to early Germany. The story goes that St. Boniface, who converted the Germanic people to Christianity, one day came across a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree. Instantly filled with anger, St. Boniface supposedly cut the oak tree down at the roots. Then, to his surprise, a young fir tree sprung up from the roots of the oak tree. The saint took this as a sign of the Christian faith. This may be another reason why we use an evergreen tree as a symbol of Christmas. Other legends say that Martin Luther decorated a small tree in his house to symbolize the ways the stars shined at night.

Regardless of exactly when and how this tradition originally came to be, by the early 18th century, the custom of bringing an evergreen tree indoors for Christmas had become a custom in the urban areas of Germany. It soon spread to England with the marriage of Queen Victoria of England and Prince Albert of Germany. This custom was then spread to the United States from English and German immigrants. Since then, the Christmas tree has spread throughout the world.

Now, how do you know what type of Christmas tree to get? Should you stick to a plain old Douglas Fir? Or is a Pine better? Or a Spruce tree? There are so many options! Luckily, this choice depends on two things: your personal preference and the availability of certain types of trees in your area. Here are some common types of Christmas trees and a brief description.

Eastern Red Cedar- This tree is a popular southern Christmas tree. This tree’s leaves are a dark, shiny, green color and are sticky to the touch. It has a pleasant scent, but can dry out quickly.

Douglas Fir- This tree has an excellent fragrance with blue to dark green needles that are 1″ to 1

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