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Where Did Rudolph Come From and Where Has He Been?

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Where did Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer come from and where has he been? Well this is a very interesting question. The reason is, that depending on whether the answer is fictional or reality. How about we cover both of these areas. It is said that originally there were two places that the story of […]

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History of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Reindeer Red Nose

Here is the history of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Rudolph is the beloved story of the ninth reindeer Saint Nicholas had to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. This guiding light was the way that Christmas presents got delivered to little children around the world when Saint Nicholas could not see. Who is Rudolph? […]

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Rudolph’s Origin and History


Here is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s origin and history. You know Dasher, and Prancer, and the other reindeer, but do you recall, the most famous of all the reindeer? Well, sure you do. Rudolph is the reindeer that had a very shiny nose. That shiny red nose is what led the way for Santa […]

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The Media and the History of Rudolph

Reindeer with Santa

How the media played a role in the history of Rudolph. Media is really what can make or break anything that goes out to the public. Therefore it is easy to see how the success of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was significantly increased by the media and the way the media pronounced this heart […]

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Traditions Surrounding Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

For those who celebrate Christmas, decorating their home and Christmas trees with ornaments is one of the most enjoyable ways to capture the magic and excitement of the Christmas holidays. The Christmas tree is often explained as a Christianization of pagan tradition and ritual that surrounded the Winter Solstice, which included the use of evergreen […]

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Where Did Mrs. Claus Come From?

Mrs. Claus

Christmas is a joyous time of year where we celebrate many things. However, a big part of Christmas around the world is the idea of Santa Claus. The history of Santa spans centuries, and dates back to 300 AD. So, in all this time, when did Santa Claus get married? Santa came from a compilation […]

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The History of the Making of Santa Claus

Midnight on Christmas Eve

The making of Santa Claus as he is today can be somewhat credited to the Protestant Reformation. However, long before the Protestant Reformation ever happened a man named St. Nicholas lived and blessed the lives of many with his generosity. It is because of this saint we celebrate Santa Claus at Christmas. However, let’s take […]

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History of Santa Claus’ Image in America

Santa 1881

Immigrants to the New World brought along their various beliefs when they crossed the Atlantic. The Scandinavians introduced gift-giving elves, the Germans brought not only their Belsnickle and Chistkindle but also their decorated trees, and the Irish contributed the ancient Gaelic custom of placing a lighted candle in the window. In the 1600s, the Dutch […]

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History of Santa Claus Traditions

Santa in specs

Santa Claus hasn’t always looked like the jolly old fellow we know today, and all of the things we have come to love and recognize as part of Santa Claus came from somewhere. Let’s take a look at where the traditions of Santa Claus came from: The mythological characters Odin, Thor, and Saturn gave us […]

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The History of Santa Claus as St. Nicholas

Santa and Child

Most historians would agree that The legend of Santa Claus was inspired by the life of a real man, St. Nicholas. Let’s take a look at the life of St. Nicholas, and the events that led from St. Nicholas’s life to the make believe world and life of Santa Claus: 270-343AD •St. Nicholas is born. […]

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