Santa Claus Fun

Santa Claus Fun


Toddler-Friendly Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts with Kids

Are you looking for some fun Christmas craft ideas to do with your toddler? Christmas crafts are a great way to teach your toddler about the holiday; they also help with the child’s cognitive development. Even if you toddler is younger than 3, you can still do some simple Christmas crafts with them. Here are […]

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Creating Fun Christmas Crafts with Paper

Kids Doing Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts are a lot of fun to create, especially for kids. Craft time is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to use their creativity and expand their cognitive memory. No matter how old your kids are paper crafts are a lot of fun to create and they make great decorations for your home. You […]

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Making Your Own Christmas Cards

Kids Making Christmas Cards

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time when we all celebrate with friends and family. If you’re like most people and like to exchange Christmas cards, you don’t have to use store bought cards this year; you can make them at home with a few simple items. Here are a few […]

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Using Crafts to Bring a Family Together

Mom and Child Decorating Tree

The holiday season is approaching and it is the perfect time to create some fun Christmas crafts with your children. Sitting around and sharing in the joy of making Christmas crafts will bring you and your children closer together while you make wonderful Christmas memories with one another. Crafts make wonderful decorations for your home; […]

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Stained Glass Ornament

Glass Ornament

Christmastime is already here, but it’s not too late to make stained glass Christmas tree ornaments. These can be made using the same construction paper and tissue paper method used in the first example, just on a smaller scale, or could be made from a clear glass or plastic ornament. It is quite easy to […]

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Country Ornaments

Sleigh with Gifts

Country crafts are easy to make as they often can come from the most ordinary of places. For example, some items you may have just laying around your home can make excellent country Christmas ornaments. Spoons, clothespins, small trowels, and other household items, when embellished with a Christmas bow that can be used to hang […]

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Homemade Stockings

Girls with Homemade Stocking

Country and Christmas go very well together. The country style is very welcoming, comfortable and quite literally reminds many of the comforts of being at home. There is no better time of the year to make your house feel like a home, than during the Christmas season. Country themes and styles easily compliment just about […]

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Tin Can Santa Claus

Happy Santa

With winter coming soon, many people are looking for fun, decorative winter crafts they can make to display around their homes or classrooms. These are just a few decorative winter crafts that are fun to make and display! Tin Can Santa Claus This fun activity is fun to make and can be used to decorate […]

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Make Beautiful Christmas Ornaments With Beads

Silver Beads

Another great kid friendly jewelry craft idea is to use beads to make Christmas tree ornaments. These patterns are great for the older kids that have more dexterity and can follow directions fairly well. One of the Christmas tree ornaments is a beaded angel baby. The supply list and pattern can be found here About.Com/Beadwork […]

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Beaded Ornament Cover

Silver Christmas Decorations

Here is a great idea for some of your Christmas ornaments. It’s a beading cover that is both fun and will add some extra decoration to your tree. This craft is very detailed and so you can find the pattern and step by step instruction by going to this website at Beadwork.About.Com . This is […]

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