Foam Christmas Tree Ornament

Get out the glue and glitter and turn a craft foam tree ornament into a sparkling delight. This is a great craft for little kids first learning to create. What you will need: •Green Fun Foam •Cardboard •Pen •Scissors •Glue …[Continue]

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

You can turn your Christmas tree into a sweet treat with this homemade ice cream cone kid’s ornament made with a real sugar cone. This works best for older kids to do since there is a lot of gluing involved. …[Continue]

Christmas Scene Ornament

Crafting can be a great holiday activity to do with your kids. You can gather the family together and spend an afternoon or two putting together some fun and creative ornaments to decorate this year’s Christmas tree. Older kids especially …[Continue]

Juice Lid Ornament

This fun ornament give you a chance to showcase your holiday photos in a unique way. Just be sure to save up your lids from your frozen juice cans so you will have plenty to use. What you will need: …[Continue]

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

If you want to personalize your Christmas a great way to do that is to make handmade Christmas ornaments. These ornaments can serve as a wonderful memory of the holiday season from year to year. And best of all you …[Continue]

Wooden Snowman Ornaments

These snowmen are so cute and very easy to make. For added fun be sure to provide a variety of colors and patterned fabrics as well as different colored supplies to make each snowman unique! What you will need: •large …[Continue]

Festive Polka Dot Ornaments

This is a fun and fast way to make some spectacular looking ball ornaments. What you will need: •Glass ball ornaments •Red and green acrylic paint •Paint brush •ribbon •empty egg carton Instructions for the project: Start by turning your …[Continue]

Marbleized Ornament

This craft turns a plain glass ornament into a work of art your kids will be proud of. No one will believe how easy these marbleized ornaments are to make! What you will need: •Marbleizing Paint and Design Kit (available …[Continue]

Jeweled Ornament

This jeweled ornament craft is both simple to make and impressive to behold. This is a very easy craft for young ones to create as gifts. What you will need: •3″ Frosted ball ornament •Jewels (one side flat) of different …[Continue]