Tinsel Stars

These shiny stars look expensive but are easy to make. What you will need: •Lametta (a bendable wire that holds it shape)•Glass beads•Hot-glue gun•Needle-nosed pliers•Scissors•28-gauge nickel wire Instructions for the project: Bend the Lametta seven times at 1 1/2-inch intervals. …[Continue]

Frosted Pear Ornaments

You can create a pear tree any partridge would be proud to perch upon. Keep in mind that a wide variety of artificial fruit is available at crafts stores. It works best to choose fruit that has a solid foam …[Continue]

Jute Twist

Crafting handmade Christmas ornaments can be great family fun or an exciting activity for friends of all ages to enjoy. By making your own ornaments you can truly personalize the season that many feel has become too commercialized. In addition …[Continue]

Handmade Victorian Christmas

While most people love the traditional look of red and green adorning their Christmas tree perhaps your taste run more toward the Victorian look. Do you love the romance, colors and lace that adorn Victorian Christmas ornaments? Even if you …[Continue]

Budget Handmade Decor

You may be wondering how you can possible decorate your Christmas tree this year if you are on a budget. Store bought ornaments can be glamorous but very expensive. By the time you add in gifts, food and all the …[Continue]

Holiday Holstein

This ornament is fun to make and fun to admire hanging from your tree. What you will need: •4-inch wood cow •1/2-inch paintbrush •Acrylic paint: white, black •5/8-inch red wood heart •Hot glue gun, glue sticks •15 inches red satin …[Continue]

Country Christmas Goose

If you are an animal lover you may be wondering how you can work animals into your Christmas decorating. Look no further-we have some great ideas for handmade animal-themed Christmas ornaments. You can simply choose your favorite animal to decorate …[Continue]

Candy Glass

For extra fun this Christmas you may want to try combining making ornaments with the fun food of the holiday. Kids will especially love being able to combine the treats of Christmas with decorating. These ideas will combine food and …[Continue]

Fused Bead Ornaments

This fun to make ornaments can literally be made in any shape or style. You will need to find a pattern for the shape you want to do. Check online or at your local craft store for a variety of …[Continue]

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Make a gingerbread house. They are yummy to eat and beautiful to look at. Plus the entire family can help with it. You can buy ready made gingerbread kits, or buy one from a local seller. Use all different kinds …[Continue]