Santa Claus Movies

There are hundreds of Santa Claus movies out there, and each has something unique to offer. The following are a few of the better known movies in different categories or types: The Santa Clause: Tim Allen plays divorcee Scott Calvin …[Continue]

Live Action Santa Claus Movies

With the hundreds of Santa Claus movies available to the average citizen, it is sometimes hard to make a decision about which movies to rent and watch at Christmas time. Of course, there are also tons of different kinds of …[Continue]

Animated Santa Claus Movies

At Christmas time children get very excited about Santa, reindeer, presents, and the whole idea of Christmas. They get anxious for the jolly man to come visit their home and fill their stockings with gifts and goodies. One fun way …[Continue]

Top Ten Religious Christmas Songs

It will not surprise anyone to realize that most Christmas music has roots in the religious aspects of Christmas. Most of the long standing Christmas hymns that we know today were written specifically to praise the religious celebration of Christmas. …[Continue]

Top Ten Inspiring Christmas Songs

Santa Claus as conductor

For many people it simply would not be Christmas without the music of the season. Despite the “Christmas Muzak” that often permeates retail stores (sometimes before Halloween) most Christmas celebrants eagerly look forward to the sounds of Christmas. The music …[Continue]