Top Ten Historic Christmas Songs

It is not surprising to realize that most Christmas music has deep historical roots. Many of our best known Christmas carols have roots that travel back over the centuries. Whether they began as poems or had their beginnings in a …[Continue]

Top Ten Funny Christmas Songs

Christmas Caroling

Christmas music comes in all forms: solemn and religious, heartwarming and traditional and sometimes very funny. Songwriters have embraced the joy of the season by creating Christmas songs that tickle our funny bones. Some are just humorous while others are …[Continue]

Top Ten Funny Christmas Quotes

There is humor to be found in all subjects, and Christmas is no exception. Comics from many generations have come up with their best quotes concerning Christmas. So if the hustle and bustle of the season is getting you down …[Continue]

Top Ten Family Christmas Songs

Christmas Carol Singers

Many family Christmas celebrations revolve around music. For the family that enjoys music there is no better joy than gathering around the piano to belt out the carols together or (if your family is less musically inclined) simply listening to …[Continue]

Why You Should Give Gift Baskets

Why You Should Give Gift Baskets

You may already be making your Christmas gift list and checking it twice. If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed about what you want to get your gift recipients this year you might want to consider home made Christmas gift …[Continue]

Top Ten Religious Christmas Quotes

There have been many significant and beautiful quotes about Christmas. These quotes reflect a faith that spans through many different religions and beliefs. If you are looking for a little inspiration this Christmas season, check out this list of the …[Continue]