Christmas Express

The elves went on strike and Santa was just about to cancel Christmas when a spaceship crash landed at the north pole! Inside the spaceship was a bunch of space aliens and so Santa put them to work. This little …[Continue]

Christmas Difference Game

Get all sorts of cozy when you play Christmas Difference Game. There are five cute pictures and for each set of pictures, there are five differences between them. Use your mouse to point and click at each one. If you …[Continue]

Christmas Stocking

Have you ever been in the bottom of a stocking? Things get hectic in there. Play this fun match three game and keep this stocking neat and tidy. As items fall in, keep an eye out for three or more …[Continue]


I had forgotten how much fun pinball is until I played Snowball. Pinball is a classic game that is exciting and challenging without being complicated. The best part is that anyone can play. You get three balls, snowballs in this …[Continue]

Santa’s Christmas Presents

Santa’s Christmas Presents is a fun memory game in the style of Simon. If you are not familiar with that game, here is how it works. You must remember the order in which the Santas jingle and repeat it back. …[Continue]


He looks like Santa, he smells like Santa, and he even wears the same clothes as Santa, but he is not Santa. He is Snata. Your job is to unlock the elevator so Snata can get to the next level. …[Continue]

Icy Gifts 2

Icy Gifts 2 is a pretty fun game to play, even though I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. All I know is that Santa is encased in ice and you have to blast it …[Continue]

3D Santa Racing

This year Santa spent his Christmas bonus on a super fast sled. Today he is going to take it out on the track and see how fast it can go. Race as Santa and see if you can get him …[Continue]

Junior’s Christmas

Junior wants his present, but he’s on the naughty list! Can you convince Santa to give Junior his present?! Solve a series of puzzles to get Junior a meeting with Santa. After all, it is Christmas and everyone deserves a …[Continue]