Gift Wrapping Tips

Line Gift Box with Tissue

Gift with Bow

That professional look which some packages have when we open them often lies in the fresh crispness of their tissue. All your gifts can have this look if you line the box with tissue in the following manner. Pleat each …[Continue]

Using Gift Wrap Tissue

Family Unwrapping Gifts

Try these ideas with tissue. Line the box in a color to match the contents, or the color of the outer wrapping paper. Tissue is available in pastels and in red, green, and bright blue. Use tissue that is dusted …[Continue]

Gift Wrapping a Box

Gift Wrapped Box

Now for the outer wrapping. Measure the wrapping paper and cut it to fit the box. Follow the accompanying diagrams closely, since they apply to a rectangular box of any dimensions. Measure the paper around the box, allowing about an …[Continue]

Wrapping a Circular Box

Circular Wrapped Gift

To wrap a circular box, measure and cut the wrapping paper as for a rectangular one. Place the box on its side and roll the paper around it. Seal the paper with cellophane tape. Pleat the ends down flat and …[Continue]

Wrapping a Big Box

Big Wrapped Box

How can a gift be wrapped if the box is too big for a sheet of gift paper? One way, and it can produce striking results, is to wrap the lid and the bottom of the box separately. Use two …[Continue]

Wrapping a Perfume Bottle

Red Gift Box

What can be done with a boxless bottle of perfume? Cut the wrapping paper in two squares large enough so that the four corners reach well above the height of the jar or bottle. Place one square over the other …[Continue]

Fancy Ribbon Ideas

Fancy Gift

Ribbon can be used in many ways, because cellophane tape does so much of the job of holding the paper on the box. Choose a color of ribbon that enhances the paper, and try these decorative ideas. Wrap around. Wind …[Continue]

A Pinwheel Bow saves Ribbon

Pretty Bow

The ribbon-saver! Save all the short lengths for this easy, attractive pinwheel bow. Cut ribbon into strips 4 inches to 6 inches long, and tie together with spool wire. Use several different colors for one bow; or combine wide and …[Continue]