Christmas Fun

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Why Your Children Should Watch Santa Claus Movies

The following are a few of the reasons your children should watch Santa Claus movies:Helps them understand the season better. If you have small children you may not realize how confusing Christmas and the holiday season can be for them. …[Continue]

Christmas Craft Paper

Fast and Easy Printable Christmas Crafts

During the holiday season many people are very busy. There are parties to host, gatherings to attend, decorating to do, gifts to prepare, the list just keeps going on and on! Many times activities and crafts become nothing more than …[Continue]

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Why Choose Santa Claus Movies During the Holidays?

The following are a few of the reasons to choose Santa Claus movies during the holidays: 1.They get you in the mood and get you excited. Especially little children. With great inspiring movies like Miracle on 34th Street which addresses …[Continue]

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When to Start Watching Santa Claus Movies

There are hundreds of great Christmas and Santa Claus movies you can watch each year, from things like Santa Claus from 1985 to the 1996 Mrs. Santa Claus movie starring Angela Lansbury. So, with hundreds of movies out there, when …[Continue]