Nutcracker Handcraft

I just stumbled across this little simple blog site, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there. This site is devoted to nutcrackers and reading some of the blogs, and looking at the christmas pics and links, It brought …[Continue]

Original Santa Mail

Every year we help Santa send out personalized letters from Santa Claus. We think our site is special because each of our letters is not only fun and whimsical but reminds children to make good choices by being thankful, giving …[Continue]

Lake Country Christmas

I created and designed the website so I am a tad partial (I also made the graphics). But I really want to tout the Christmas lights display. This past year my family and I were looking for “something different” and …[Continue]

Christmas Blog

This site has a lot of useful information that can really come in handy during the holiday season. It offers tips and advice on holiday topics, and also has classic Christmas music and movies clips….[Continue]


Shimmer: The Christmas Decoration Hire Company provide all the services you need at the highest standard with a minimum of fuss….[Continue]