Tree Ornament Simplicity

Ornaments with Ribbons

Make ornaments for your Christmas tree. Cut out shapes like stars, Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Claus, or any other holiday shape. Decorate them with glitter and markers. Punch a hole in the top and put a string through it. Tie …[Continue]

Why A Christmas Tree?

Fireplace With Christmas Tree

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is choosing and then decorating a Christmas tree. Almost all practicing, or even non-practicing Christians put up a Christmas tree each year. But where does this tradition come from? Why do we stick …[Continue]

The History of the Christmas Tree

Dad and boy with freshly cut tree.

The Christmas tree is probably the most universally recognized symbol of Christmas. Almost any practicing, or even non-practicing Christian puts up a Christmas tree each year. Trimming the tree is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions. But where does …[Continue]

How To Choose A Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in the forest.

Choosing your Christmas tree is a very important part of Christmas holiday season decor. It is often the centerpiece of any Christmas decorations around the house. If you get the wrong one, it can give the whole room the wrong …[Continue]

Christmas Tree Safety


In past days, having a Christmas tree in the house was a sure way to put your family at risk for fire. Let’s be honest- who ever thought putting candles on a dry pine tree was a good idea? It’s …[Continue]