Santa Claus Fun

Santa Claus Fun


Tree Ornament Simplicity

Ornaments with Ribbons

Make ornaments for your Christmas tree. Cut out shapes like stars, Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Claus, or any other holiday shape. Decorate them with glitter and markers. Punch a hole in the top and put a string through it. Tie the string in a knot and hang it on the Christmas tree.

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The History of Glass Christmas Ornaments

Antique Glass Ornament

It was the invention of the blowpipe by some unknown artisan that brought about the craft of glass blowing, eventually evolving into the fine art of Christmas glass ornaments we know today. Christoph Muller and Hans Greiner set up Germany’s first glassworks in 1597 in Lauscha which was located in a river valley, and had […]

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Your Christmas Tree: What You Should Know

Christmas Tree Branch

Christmas trees are a wonderful family tradition. Decorating the Christmas tree can bring the family together, and leaves you with a beautifully decorated holiday tree. But with so many options available to you in choosing a Christmas tree, how can you possibly pick? And where did the idea of Christmas trees come from anyway? And […]

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Why A Christmas Tree?

Fireplace With Christmas Tree

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is choosing and then decorating a Christmas tree. Almost all practicing, or even non-practicing Christians put up a Christmas tree each year. But where does this tradition come from? Why do we stick a dead evergreen tree in our front living room, proceed to cover it in random […]

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Tips For Keeping Your Tree From Dropping Needles

Tree by the fire.

If you’ve ever had a Christmas tree that didn’t stay alive very well, you know how annoying it can be to have your floor peppered with needles. They’re pokey; they clog up your vacuum, and it makes your tree look bare and crispy. But there are ways to help slow down this process. Here are […]

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The History of the Christmas Tree

Dad and boy with freshly cut tree.

The Christmas tree is probably the most universally recognized symbol of Christmas. Almost any practicing, or even non-practicing Christian puts up a Christmas tree each year. Trimming the tree is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions. But where does this tradition come from? Why do we stick a dead and often crispy evergreen tree […]

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Keeping Your Christmas Tree Around Longer

Christmas Tree

Everyone wants to keep their Christmas tree alive longer. It’s so disappointing to watch your tree start to turn brown and crispy in your front room, all the while holding all your decorations for the Christmas season. But there are ways to slow or maybe even prevent your Christmas tree from dying too soon. Here […]

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How To Choose A Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in the forest.

Choosing your Christmas tree is a very important part of Christmas holiday season decor. It is often the centerpiece of any Christmas decorations around the house. If you get the wrong one, it can give the whole room the wrong feeling. So before you go out to find one, here’s how to choose a Christmas […]

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Decorating Tips For A Festive Christmas Tree


Decorating your Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas holiday activities. Many people have different traditions surrounding the trimming of the tree. Some people wait until Christmas Eve to trim the tree. Others go out the day after Thanksgiving to choose and decorate a tree. But regardless of when you decide to decorate your […]

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Christmas Tree Safety


In past days, having a Christmas tree in the house was a sure way to put your family at risk for fire. Let’s be honest- who ever thought putting candles on a dry pine tree was a good idea? It’s a fire just waiting to happen! We’ve come a long way since then, but there […]

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