Coloring With Your Preschooler

Preschoolers are difficult to handle and mostly because they are so limited in terms of their activities. Preschoolers can eat, sleep, poop, and watch movies. They are good at getting into fights and crying. If preschoolers weren’t so cute they probably wouldn’t have too many good points. As a parent you are probably looking for ways to connect with your preschooler and to form positive experiences with them. If you are frustrated you are not alone; your favorite hobby might be reading fine literature but your preschooler enjoys watching puppets. All parents find themselves in similar situations at one point or another, but you don’t need to feel isolated from your preschooler. There are certain activities that all preschoolers will enjoy doing with their parents and one of the most popular is coloring.

You might not be a real fan of coloring books since you became an adult, but there can be something truly fun about coloring with your preschooler. Coloring allows young children to express themselves and to gain a sense of control over their environment. Most children become frustrated because all of their decisions are made for them. They try to find ways to control a few choices but they always find adults bossing them around.

When a child colors they have control over the situation. They can color in the lines as they choose and they can decide what colors to use. It is really one of the few things they can make all the decisions for. Provide your child with ample coloring material, including a good deal of coloring pencils and coloring books. Allow them to color in whatever fashion they choose; even if the colors are crazy or wacky allow them to do as they wish.

Try coloring with your preschooler in your own coloring book. Color carefully and focus on making a nice, neat picture. Compare your coloring job with your preschooler and ask for their suggestions. This allows your child to gain a little control and authority over you. They become the coloring expert and direct you as you color. Your preschooler might even ask you for advice about their coloring work.

Color in books that your preschooler chooses. One of the important things to remember about sharing experiences with your preschooler is that you need to show a genuine interest in their interests. This means that you might become a fan of animals or superheros that you normally wouldn’t think about. When you spend an hour or two carefully coloring your child’s favorite animal you help them to see that you care. Many children have parents who provide food and shelter for them but they don’t take the time to share a child’s interests.

Have coloring competitions with your child and allow them to win when they do a good job coloring. Teach them to color the entire image and to use interesting color contrasts and combinations. However, you should at no point try to take over the entire coloring job. Another great activity is to color the same page together. Allow your son or daughter to do half and then help them finish the page.

If you love your preschooler look for good ways to spend time together. Think about your preschooler’s interests and passions. Spend a little time each week doing something that your child loves. Coloring is an activity that almost every preschooler will enjoy. As they get older you will need to find other activities to share with them, but while they are in preschool coloring is a great option.