Suggestions for Coloring Pictures

A reader wrote this week and asked if I took suggestions for new topics for coloring pages. Yes! 

So far, I’ve had readers suggest dinosaurs, musical instruments, and religious Christmas themes. What else would you like to see? Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies? Let me know by posting your comments below.


  1. Susan says

    Hello and Merry Christmas,
    You have asked if there are any suggestions for coloring/colouring pages we would like to see. Are there any Winter Wonderland pictures that can be added to your list of pages? Thank you for asking! Susan

  2. Bobbi says

    Suggestions for your coloring pages: winter sports (skiing, skating, snowshoeing); and other seasonal sports such as biking, swimming, hiking, marble shooting, jumping rope, etc. Thank you for your great site.

  3. Ken Rogers says

    I would like to see coloring pages of postage stamps. To help combine learning with coloring and collecting.

  4. says

    I was searching for colouring pages of snowshoes or snowshoeing. I found your site using google and as I am here I cannot see any page on your site that has anything to do with those colouring pages. Have I missed them? If so please send them to me at the email address provided. Thank you for your time.

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