Send a Coloring Page Postcard

I have just implemented Coloring Page Postcards. Now you can send any of our coloring pages as a virtual e-card to friends and family. 

Just browse our site to find the perfect coloring picture, and then click on the “Send as Postcard” link directly below the thumbnail.  Add a personal note, choose your own headline, and tell us who to send it to.  And when your friend picks up their personalized Coloring Page Postcard, we’ll send you a note acknowledging that your card was received.

I couldn’t be more excited. Please try them out, and then tell me what you think. This is a new feature, and your feedback (good or bad) is vital to me.


  1. Christina Zaremba says

    The coloring pictures are great, but candy is not spelled candies. There is no such word. Candy is both plural and singular.

  2. Barbara J. Feldman says

    Hmm… candy vs candies? The American Heritage Dictionary lists candies as the plural of candy, as does the World Book Dictionary.
    But thanks for writing. I always appreciate my audience’s ability to find my errors and typos. So, keep ’em coming!

  3. Martha Hardwick says

    The postcards are a great idea. I plan to send them to all the teachers at my school. Thanks for all your great idas! I look forward to your letter every week!

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