Site’s Been Rearranged

I’ve rearranged the site a bit, but hopefully it is still as easy to use (or maybe easier?) The coloring pages now each have their own individual pages, and I’ve added a LARGE “Click to Download” button so it should be crystal clear how to get the coloring page PDF.  

If anything is ambiguous or confusing, please let me know.  The objective here was to make to easier, but without your feedback, I’ll only be guessing.


  1. jan says

    i used it for my grandchilden and they loved it==ages 11 yr and 8 yrs . i also enjoyed it very much, it kept them busy. improvement great! thanks jan

  2. Rebecca says

    Hi jan. I am a kid, 11 yrs old. I really love the drawings! Especially the alphabets! Hope you will add some more!

  3. Carole Rule says

    Barbara, Great stuff but the page is so large I have to scroll back and forth to see it all. And this print is so big my friend with bad eyesight can read it.

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