I don’t remember exactly when I got this idea, but it started like all ideas. First it was just a passing thought. Then it kept recurring and growing. Then one day last month, it became an overwhelming passion, and I just had to gather the time and resources to get it done.

Now, about the site itself. There are two ways to get around. First is by the categories listed on the right-hand side, under the title Coloring Pages. And second, is via the search function. You’ll find both on every page.

At the moment, all the coloring topics revolve around the winter holidays, but I will be adding more as the year progresses. If you sign up for my Surfnetkids newsletter (or the RSS feed listed in the right-hand column) you’ll hear about new pages as they are added.

If you like us, please do bookmark us or place a link on your website to any of our pages. But I’d appreciate it if you would NOT link directly to the coloring PDFs.

I’ve not done a lot work for the preschool or early-reader age group, so this was quite fun. Please take look, and let me know what you think. I’m still mulling over some changes and enhancements, so your feedback will be very valuable.


  1. Sandra Youngblood says

    I like what you do. It is beneficial to me in so many ways. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the thumbnails, I didn’t get the printable coloring page. It may be my computer. I would also like some religious Christmas pages added. THANKS again.

  2. Susan says

    I, too, was unable to get the page to open. Looks like fun and I would definitely use it for our afterschool program. I got your information from your newsletter.

  3. Rossana says

    Thanks for your useful information. I’m an English as L2 teacher and I appreciate every tip. I think that your new Freekidscolouring is a great idea but I tried to open your pages but I, too, could not open one. Please let us know what to do.

  4. Suzeanne says

    I love the pictures and just wanted to say I WAS able to get the pictures to download for me. It opens in Adobe so if you dont have that you would need to download that program first. Again thanks for the great pictures.

  5. Anita says

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. It is always nice to be able to get all of the holidays in one place. I do need to inform you that the picture of the boy lighting the menorah has an error in it. The function of the tallest candle is to light all of the other candles, so a match wouldn’t be used.I hope you don’t mind the correction, but I’m sure you will agree it’s important to demonstrate the correct way to celebrate the holidays. Thank you again for all of your hard work on this and the many other activities you offer on your pages!

  6. says

    Anita, you are so right about the menorah. It’s the shamesh that lights the other candles, not a match. I’ve edited the coloring page; the new version should be up later today.
    Another reader wrote in that she was offended by the “Merry Xmas” picture on my front page because “it took Christ out of Christmas.” So, although I did not REMOVE the “Merry Xmas” coloring page, I did remove it from the front of the site.
    Your comments are really important to me. Please keep them coming.

  7. Lura says

    I loved all the pictures and I had no trouble downloading them. I was wondering, do you take suggetions? How about a variety of musical instruments.

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