Help with Coloring Pages

The coloring pages require the newest free version of Adobe Reader. Once you have installed the free Adobe Reader, the PDF coloring pages will open simply by clicking on the thumbnails. 

How to Save Coloring Pages to Your Computer

BEFORE OPENING THE COLORING PAGE: Instead of the usual left click, Windows users should point to each thumbnail, and click the right button of their mouse. (If you are on a Mac, point to the link and press ‘CTRL’.) Then select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to download each coloring page PDF to your computer. 

AFTER OPENING THE COLORING PAGE: Once the coloring page is open in your browser, you can save it by using the Adobe Save As function. Do NOT use the save function of your browser. If you do NOT see an Adobe SAVE icon (the floppy disk), then right-click on the Adobe tool bar and make sure that FILE is checked.

How to Print PDF Coloring Pages

To print an open coloring page PDF, click on the Adobe Reader printer icon. Be careful not to use the print function of your browser.

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