Fruits and Vegetables Alphabet Coloring Pages

Fresh and flavorful, each letter in this alphabet features different fruits and vegetables direct from Mother Nature. Healthy foods that we love like strawberries and watermelon and some you may not have heard of before like xigua and ugli fruit – seriously! To find more Alphabet games, printables and activities, visit Alphabet Coloring.
A is for Avocado
B is for Banana
C is for Celery Root
D is for Date
E is for Eggplant
F is for Fig
G is for Grapes
H is for Honeydew
I is for Iceberg Lettuce
J is for Jicama
K is for Kiwi
L is for Lemon
M is for Melon
N is for Nectarine
O is for Orange
P is for Pineapple
Q is for Quince
R is for Rhubarb
S is for Strawberry
T is for Turnip
U is for Ugli