Passover Coloring Pages

Passover is the Jewish holiday that commemorates their freedom from slavery in Ancient Egypt. Download these printable coloring pages as part of your family celebrations. For more Passover games, printables and activities, visit Passover Fun.
Passover, Matzoh, Haggadah, Wine, Candles
Light The Candles
Matzoh Yum
Moses Parts The Red Sea
Painting The Jewish Doorways
Seder Plate
It’s A Passover Seder
Happy Passover Coloring
Happy Passover
Eating The Afikomen
Eating Matzoh On Passover
Bless The Matzoh
Blessings Over Candles And Wine
Seder Table
Seder Plate
Seder Egg
Seder Candles
Shank Bone
Searching for the Afikomen
Happy Passover